A Brief History......

Few years back, Mr. Sharad Taparia, Managing Director of PML has decided to maintain the workflow. He wanted to ensure that the process with customers and banks should be done on time. This involved a lot of documents, which had no connection to accounting. To start this flow, he decided to use available cloud based applications. Unfortunately, none of the available options could meet his exacting standards! Most of the flow designs could only handle linear flows only. Accounting software could not handle non-accounting flows. And the accounting software, which could handle non-accounting flows, were just prohibitively priced! In each software studied, the specific flow had to be defined - programming had to be done - referencing masters was difficult or required specialized programming skills!

After implementing this Workflowalert for Export Documentation, Mr. Sharad Taparia felt that it can be utilized in other areas too. In time, he successfully implemented it in other fields of the manufacturing company, like Preventive Maintenance, Car Insurance, Credit card payments, C-Forms, Employee Confirmation, Vendor management, etc. He thought others might get benefit from this. So he offered it as standard.

Our Approach

Having a strong background in manufacturing and trading business, we have created an application, which is having usablity and practicallity, as its prime objective.

What Makes Us Different

Based on "Management by Exception".
Personal flows to huge complex business flows.
Positive/negative alerts on emails/mobiles.
Intelligent escalation of alerts.

About WorkflowAlert

Workflowalert.com is the product of a team which brings the best of systems experience. You will find new ways to enhance your business. Quality of service and privacy of our customers is top most priority for us.
  • It sends automated email notifications, which are triggered by workflow rules.
  • It improves efficiency, by eliminating the manual work of assigning task, for every repeat event.
  • It reduces operating costs.
  • It manages business process, through standardized working methods.
  • It manages almost any type of workflow.
  • It uses Exceptions to manage - since Management time is precious!
  • It eliminates the need to remember all tasks.
  • It increases productivity, by sending timely alerts.
  • It works in conjunction with Tally.
  • It is totally secure.
  • It sends alerts and takes feedback from people, who do not use computers but have mobiles.

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