Why Workflowalert ?

Manage deadlines without delays

WFA system gives reminders to the person who has to complete the task, so that task can be completed before due date and deadlines can be met. It will follow schedules with minimum risk of failure.

Minimum training required

The software is so intutive and easy to use, that it is possible to start using it without any training. However, while using any of the advanced features, if you feel challenged, then we are ready to provide training.

Easy To Use

No need to be a software wizzard to use this software!
If you know the way your own business runs, then you can create flows! Making entries is even easier!!
Note: We are always here to help you with your flows!

Cost effective

It is very inexpensive.
Pay as per your usage and/or needs.
You will soon realize that the benefits outweigh the cost by a huge margin!

Improve efficiency and productivity

Automatic reminders ensure that neither does the work suffer and neither does anybody have to keep track of critical tasks!
No person based follow up and still no incomplete task goes unnoticed!
This is the ultimate form of “Management By Exception”!
As a result, management persons get to concentrate on business priorities!