Huge number of alerts per step
Depending upon the plan selected by you, you can setup up to 100 alerts per step.
Large number of workflows
Depending upon the plan selected by you, you can create up to as many as 2000 workflows!
 Unlimited users per workflow 
 Depending upon the plan selected by you, the software is capable of running unlimited users per workflow.
 Update from mobile 
   You can use this special feature to complete any step by sending a text message with a code to a given number!
Group alerts
You can configure the alerts to be sent to a group instead of targeting an individual. This way, it becomes easy to implement organizational changes!
Access control 
You can decide who gets to see or do in what part of your flow. You can use access and restriction to get a balance between safety and openness!
Multi branch workflows
All the steps in any flow can be either independent or can be dependent on one or more of the other steps. This makes it possible to make very complex flows too!
Note: The software is intelligent enough to prevent circular references!
Based on our experience, we have configured the most commonly used reports. We are continuously adding new reports.
You can get reports related to incomplete tasks, anticipated alerts and age analysis; among others.
Email notification
You can set an alert to be sent to an email address. This can include a standard message or pre-configured message. This can also include additional information which has been entered during the entry creation. The best part is that this can include a button to “Autocomplete” the task!
Intelligent alerts
The alerts can be before, on or after due date with reference to task completed or not completed! This means that you can send positive alerts before the task is due and you can also send the other extreme type of alerts – i.e. negative alerts which talk of overdue tasks!
 Flow usage alert
You can configure the duration within which the concerned person has to keep updating the data. If for any reason the user does not make entries, the software will send an alert to his supervisor.
 Notification to mobile 
On a chargeable basis, you can send alerts as SMS/Text messages to mobile numbers.
Note: Depending upon the country/area, you may have to get formal approval from the concerned person!
Control redundant alerts
You can set it so that if the previous step is not complete, the software does not trigger the alerts of the next step!
Export data to Excel
If you want to take the reports and do your own analysis, then you have the option to do so.
Escalating alerts
First alert is given to the person who has to complete the task when the task is due for completion. The next alert can be at the due time. In case the task is incomplete even after the due date, alerts can be configured to be sent to supervisor, then manager and so on till the top person if the task continues to be incomplete.